How to plan a wedding in 12 weeks


You’re engaged!  I’m so happy you have found the love of your life, who loves you as much in return.  Ah, love!

I’m also very happy you have found this blog to help you plan an amazing, no nonsense, organised wedding.

I was married last year and we planned our wedding in 12 weeks – engaged at Christmas, announced to our families in January and married in early April.

I wanted to share with you what we managed to do in a short space of time to give you an idea of how to tackle the wedding industry, avoid expensive traps and have an incredible day.  Don’t believe the hype – planning a wedding can be fun if you have realistic expectations and can share the work with someone reliable and honest (who hopefully is your partner too).

Each week I will post tips, ideas, pitfalls to avoid and things to consider when planning your wedding day.  A 12 week guide that you can stretch out or condense to suit your own schedule based on our own DIY planning experience.