Week 12: The week before

One week to go!  Yippee!  First of all, I hope you have planned to take this week off work.  If you worked right up until 6pm on Friday the day before your wedding (like I did) then I truly hope you have asked your partner to take some time off.  Trust me, even if you think you have everything sorted, you will need at least one body available to do any last minute run around during business hours before the weekend.


So much to do in this 21 day week of wedding!

A week before your wedding is usually the time when family start to arrive from out of town.  I remember when I first saw my relatives who had traveled from interstate and overseas, the reality of getting married really hit me.  Suddenly there are people turning up everywhere to see YOU and the wedding you’ve worked your tail off planning.  Your wedding that will be taking place in less than a week.  ZOMG… things are getting REAL.  I guarantee that when your family arrives you will need a glass of wine.


My bossy advice for this week is not to overdo it.  Enjoy having friends and family around, but don’t feel obliged to see them every minute.  Do take some time to yourself to have a decent sleep and chill out.  Don’t listen to last minute wedding suggestions/comments/criticisms from friends and family, it’s too late to make any changes and their opinions will only stress you out.  Drink enough to be sociable, but not enough to give you a hangover.  Same applies to your partner.  Having him/her hung over on your wedding day is not a great start.

Practical tips for your last minute run around, I suggest:

  • Confirm bookings with all of your vendors
  • Put everyone’s number you will need on the day in your phone or your partner’s phone (transport, catering, band, photographer etc etc)
  • Take some time out to write a speech so you will be prepared if you are asked to give a toast
  • Practise dancing at least a couple of times with your partner
  • Make sure your rainy day back up plan is ready (undercover set up and umbrellas!) if weather is looking gloomy
  • Confirm everyone you nominated for jobs are aware of what they need to do on the day (For example, who will drive your flower girls to hairdresser, who is responsible for picking up your flowers, meeting the photographers at the venue, bringing music for the ceremony, giving readings etc)

Finally, imagine a complete run through of your wedding day and visualise everything going perfectly to plan.  Picture yourself with your partner looking relaxed and happy with family and friends celebrating with you.  Imagine yourself eating breakfast, getting ready, talking to your bridesmaids.  Picture yourself driving to the venue, walking down the aisle and saying your vows.  You might only need to do this once but I visualised myself going through the day a few times which helped me feel less nervous on the day.  It also helped me to remember a few small things I’d forgotten in the planning process.


Think positive and be awesome!

One thing I wished I’d done is stay with my partner on the night before our wedding.  My parents really wanted me to stay at their place to get ready and were quite insistent about it so I just caved in and stayed at their house.  It sort of sucked because I didn’t sleep very well on my own and in the morning I had to negotiate their kitchen for breakfast. So, again, don’t give in to tradition and stay with your future husband/wife if that’s what you want to do!  Now finally, it’s time for your wedding day!