Week 11: The finishing touches

Two weeks to go and still a lot to do.  Hopefully by now you have paid for all of your big expenses like the venue, celebrant, catering, band, photographer, suits, dresses, flowers, transport, accommodation, rings.  The finishing touches are the annoying things like bonbonieres, table numbers and the seating plan that no one on the day gives a sh*t about.  Seriously, don’t give more than two minutes of your time stressing about what stupid wedding favour you’re going to give out.  They are time consuming to make, expensive and often left on the table at the end of the night.

bottle of sand

  A bottle of sand with a dead starfish from your wedding that I will cherish forever

We went ultra cheapo and bought packets of mixed lollies from the supermarket and put them in a clear container with a ribbon and a little tag that said ‘Thanks!’.  It cost just over $100 to buy everything we needed.  We then asked our friends to come over and we put them to work.

Photo 29-03-2014 5 33 42 pm

Fingers crossed everyone at the reception is too wasted to care about the bonboniere

The other annoying thing is the seating plan.  If you have friends and family that don’t get along or don’t know anyone else at your wedding it can be a nightmare to plan.  However, no seating plan for close to one hundred guests is just asking for drunken chaos, especially if you want everyone seated in a somewhat organised fashion. We got around it by splitting everyone into four groups with one group per table.  Our seating plan sign at the entrance to the reception read:

‘Join us for dinner and drinks inside

Where you sit, we don’t mind

You may use these rows as a guide

See you soon! From the groom and the bride’

At the time of drafting up our seating plan on PowerPoint we also made our table numbers and menus.  The menu had a program of events, bar menu, catering menu and a quiz titled ‘How well do you know the bride and groom?’ on the back.  Yes, very lame but it was intended to be a conversation starter and I think it worked.


With a couple of weeks to go, now is the time to encourage everyone in your bridal party to try on all their gear and make sure everything fits.  Try on your wedding dress and shoes to make sure you don’t need any last minute alterations and plan what jewellery you are going to wear.

Confirm that everyone in your bridal party and immediate family have their transport and accommodation arranged and know when and where they need to be on the day.   Also make a last minute trip to the shops to buy some thank you presents for your bridal party and any one else you have put to work!


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