Week 8: Transport, accommodation and RSVPs

One month until your wedding, so time to lock in your guest list.  Make time with your partner to chase down outstanding RSVPs together and add them to your guest spreadsheet.


Lock in the guest list!

It is important to know where everyone from out of town will be staying and to help those who need accommodation to find somewhere close to your venue and reasonably priced.  If you have a group of friends staying close together, offer to share their contact details so they can meet up to share a taxi or transport to the wedding.

Because our wedding was a long way out of town, we organised a charter bus to take everyone home at the end of the night.  It made about 5 stops along the coast which we planned according to where everyone was staying.  The bus was about $500 and had 50 seats which ended up being reasonably cheap to get everyone home for around $10 per person.


All aboard the drunk bus

Now is the time to plan how you will be traveling to the wedding with your bridal party, along with anyone else who will be at the residence where you are getting ready.  If you have flower girls like we did you will need car seats for the trip as well.

We hired an 11 seat limousine and everyone just piled in.  This made for an entertaining entrance at the ceremony when the limousine did a 15 point turn around so I could get out.


We hired the limousine for a few hours to transport us to the location for photos and back to the reception venue.

AP170 AP168

We also then needed to hire a second sedan limousine to drive Phil and I to our accommodation in Surfer’s Paradise at the end of the night.  This meant we both had to have an overnight bag packed and with us at the reception to take in the car to the hotel. Therefore it is worthwhile considering where you will be staying and what you have planned the next day so you won’t be stuck wearing your wedding dress to breakfast.


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