Week 4: Invitations and website

By now you are truly in the midst of wedding planning – and totally rocking it, I hope.  Time to send out invitations and make it an official event!

The key to invitations is to send them out early.  Especially if you are planning a wedding in a short space of time.  Now is not the time to spend your weekend browsing expensive stationery stores fondling ribbon and studying parchment paper.  Your invitation is, at the most basic level, how you communicate where and when the wedding is, how to get there, where the reception is, what to wear and what to bring.

I found the tricky part to be the invitation wording and finding good examples online that weren’t too formal, too cheesy, too religious or too weird.  Traditionally, if your parents are paying for the wedding, their names go on the invitation.  In our case, our parents did contribute partially so we thought it was polite and appropriate to include them.  Our invitation read:

‘[Bride’s father and mother] together with [Groom’s father and mother]

request with pleasure your company

in joining them to celebrate the marriage of

[Bride and Groom’s first names]

at [location, address] [date]

at [time]

Dinner, drinks and dancing to follow

Dress cocktail

RSVP [date]

[website address]’

I found this post on Offbeat Bride to be very helpful when wording our invitations.  I downloaded a nice typewriter font and designed the invitation on PowerPoint (Click Design -> Page Setup -> Custom and enter the dimensions of the invitation you want.  We used 10.5 x 4.8 cm and printed 4 invitations to 1 page).

We printed them on some good quality card with a magnet on the back (for the fridge!) and did all our invitations in one hectic evening.

My partner did an incredible job of making our wedding website – we filled it with everything we could about the wedding – times, dress code, maps, venue information, accommodation nearby, transport we had arranged and a bit about ourselves and the bridal party.

As we planned more about the wedding we updated the site to include pictures of the band, the menu and pictures of the venue.  I highly recommend putting together a wedding website or WordPress blog, we found it saved us a lot of time explaining how to get to the venue to our friends and family.

One last thing I wanted to note about having a wedding website is whether to mention gifts or a wishing well.  We didn’t have enough time to organise a registry (and also already lived together) so we decided to have a wishing well at our wedding.  Although it is now an accepted tradition, in hindsight I felt a bit rude asking our guests for cash.

wishing-wellHelp me, I’m poor

We received some very thoughtful presents as well and I wished we had given people the choice to give a card, some money for a wishing well or a present – to be honest, I loved getting wedding presents and cards – they felt more personal and were so thoughtful.  Of course, what you decide to do is up to you!

Next week, dress shopping…


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