Week 2: The reception venue

The venue – the place where beautiful memories are made, ‘I do’s’ announced, food consumed, drinks imbibed and many, many photographs are taken.  For the purpose of this post, ‘the venue’ really refers to the reception venue, and to put it frankly, the place where you’ll spend most of your money, because the reception is the best part of the wedding!

First of all, if you have big dreams for your wedding, I recommend you give yourself more time.  Don’t plan a destination wedding or anything too elaborate if you have only a few months, unless to plan to elope with only a few friends (clever you).


An example of elaborate

We initially decided we wanted around 50 guests and were happy to get married locally.  We wanted a hall or similar venue we could hire, with plans to supply our own catering and alcohol so we could save some money without paying per head price.  We were lucky to find Currumbin Farm School which has a beautiful wedding garden and a dining hall with a bar area, fridges, tables and chairs we could use for a reasonable price.  The venue hire included an event manager for the day and waiters and bar staff who also helped with setting up.

2014-01-18 12.29.272014-01-18 12.22.432014-01-18 12.29.582014-01-18 12.25.02

Reception in the shed!

 Our venue had lots of advantages – the ceremony and reception were in the same place, there was no limit on how many people we could invite (our guest list blew out to 90 on the day), we saved money on alcohol by buying kegs, wine and spirits and had a catered buffet so there was plenty of food.  However, this meant that it was a lot of work – organising catering, drinks, glassware, the band, decorations, lighting, additional outdoor seating and transport for guests from the venue late at night.  It was in the valley in a rural setting and out of range for a taxi service, with no mobile phone coverage.  Fortunately this didn’t deter anyone from showing up and celebrating with us.


No internet or phone service at this wedding #sorry

However I think it’s important to consider your guests when hiring your venue, and consider what they are willing to tolerate in order to be a part of your wedding.  Will they be happy to stand in the sand at your beach wedding, pitch a tent in the mud at your rustic winter wedding or spend a fortune on transport and accommodation at your bring a plate and BYO alcohol budget wedding?


Leave your heels at home ladies

If you are planning a wedding in a short space of time, your guests will have likely already made an effort to make last minute plans to attend, so be kind to them on the day and consider how they will spending the day with you and accommodate to get them home safely as well.

Around the time of booking your venue make sure to book your accommodation in the days before your wedding and for your wedding night too.

High Five Business people

Stock photo high five!

 Once you have a venue and date locked in, give yourselves a high five!  You now have a time and a place for your wedding day.  Next week – planning the guest list and your bridal party…!


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